BONE-DRI™ Rust-Prevention Gear & Ammo Bag

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Whether you are headed to the gun range, hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking – or storing your handgun, ammo, or suppressor – the BONE-DRITM Rust-Prevention Gun & Ammo Bag keeps your prized possessions safe, dry, and ready for use.   

BONE-DRITM Rust-Prevention bags are the only bags on the market engineered with Absorbits™ patented moisture-wicking technology throughout in order to prevent rust.



Guns rust from the inside. Rust can affect the performance of your gun, make cleaning difficult, and diminish the value of your prized possessions. 

Rust is the result of a natural process where the iron in metals comes into contact with oxygen and moisture, causing it to corrode and deteriorate.  BONE-DRITM Rust-Prevention bags eliminate moisture from the entire firearm inside and out.  Most of us just wipe down our firearms’ exterior surfaces but don’t think about the internals, only to find corrosion when we deep clean them.



AbsorbitsTM is a material “sandwich” of encapsulated desiccant in moisture-wicking nylon and works on the same principle as commercial de-humidifiers, but without the need for electricity.  The moisture-wicking process can vary, but ranges between 6 - 24 hours.  Releasing the moisture (“recharging”) is easy; after use, place the bag in the sun or dry with a hair dryer on low heat settings.



Crafted from durable nylon and guaranteed for life, the BONE-DRITM Rust-Prevention Gun & Ammo Bag is engineered with Absorbits™ moisture-removal technology to store and protect your firearms and gear from rust after exposure to moisture.  This bag is also great for hand and power tools.


  • Rust and corrosion-prevention:  Engineered with Absorbits™ patented moisture-wicking technology throughout to keep your gear, ammo, and tools dry and ready for use
  • Makes cleaning easier:  Absorbits pulls moisture from the inner workings of your guns, tools, and hardgoods
  • Ensure readiness of your gear:  Suppressors, ammo, and optics (keep fog-free)
  • Reliability:  Ideal for carrying and storing your gear, whether you are headed to the gun range, job site, hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking
  • Satisfaction:  Backed by a lifetime warranty; love it or return it
  • Indefinitely reusable


MSRP:  $57.99