The Handgun Sniper Masterclass

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A Four-Week Program Designed to Make You Deadly Accurate At 50 Yards with Your Handgun!

Here's a tiny fraction of what you'll learn: 

  • Jedi “Mind Hacks” you can use to trick your brain into thinking your handgun is actually a rifle with a scope on it so you can be accurate at long-ranges.

  • ​The 3 most vital drills you can practice that’ll train your body to literally adopt your firearm as part of your body. (You’ll have total domination over your blaster as if it was your own hand.)

  • How to execute the Million-Dollar Trigger Pull used by the top marksman in the world. (It’s so simple, yet it’s NEVER taught correctly in most shooting schools… Get this one thing right and you’ll be surprised how often you’ll be putting your rounds through the exact same hole in the target.)

  • How to use the “Recoil” to help you get lasered in on your target faster and make your follow-up shots EVEN more accurate than the first one. (Most people get messed-up by the recoil instead of harnessing its power.)

  • The “Handgun Sniper Grip” is a surprising adjustment to the way you’ve been taught to hold your gun… (This small change will make your hand rock steady so you don’t have to even think about timing your trigger pull.) 

  • How the Elite Military operators anchor their stance so that they can “make the shot” even when being attacked from behind. (This trick will almost cement you to the ground – making your shots more accurate at long range.)

  • ​And much more!


"Evil-Villain" Reveals His Powerful Training Tricks That’ll HaveYou to Nailing-the-Bullseye From 50 Yards Out … Using Your Handgun!

...Discover These Amazing Training Tricks and You’ll Become A “Handgun Sniper” in The Record-Breaking Time of Only 4-Weeks ...100% Guaranteed!


“Double-or-nothing!” I said to my new friend “Vader”

      I could see his smug face beaming ear-to-ear, as he turned to face me...

     He had just taken me for $50… He’d bet me that he could hit an 8-inch steel target from 50 yards away... using his 1911 handgun (which had a 4-inch barrel and open sights).

     How was that even possible? I mean 50 yards is ½ the length of a football field! It’s one thing with a rifle… but a handgun?

     From 50 yards, the 8-inch steel target was smaller than the tiny orange “dot” on the front sight of my pistol! And he’d drawn his pistol faster than Wyatt Erp in a gun fight – and then “let-her-rip”… connecting with the target.

     It seemed like a lucky shot…

     And that’s when I suggested the “double-or-nothing” bet…
     He turned around slowly, and said, “It’s your money boss!”… then he turned back to face the target…

     In a flurry of motion he drew from his holster again and … Bang! – Instantly you could hear the round explode on the steel target and see the target “dancing” from impact.

     Vader just started laughing!… (Apparently, he’s been using his accurate shooting to take money from people just like me for years!)
(Note: My friend made me use his field name “Vader” for this story because he doesn’t want people to know who he is because it makes it harder to “hustle” at the range! Plus, he’s smart, and doesn’t want anyone to know how good he is in case there’s a live incident and he needs to flip into combat mode.)

Vader is a true badass! In fact, he’s so good, that he’s often hired by “ELITE” military and SWAT teams to fight against their best tactical fighters - with LIVE ammunition - to give their “hot shots” a piece of humble pie!

     He’s a true dead-eye with open sights. Not only can he nail a target with unbelievable accuracy at 50 yards, but he can also hit moving targets… 

     We put him to the test by tossing clay pigeons in the air and, just like a mythical wild-west-gun-slinger, he drew from his holster and blasted them to smithereens in mid-flight. 

     I broke down right then-and-there and begged him to train me!
Thankfully, he agreed …

     I’m going to tell you more about his amazing training and my results in just a second…

     But first, you need to know that before Vader took me on as a student, I was NOT a newbie. I’ve had my concealed for a LONG time… And I’ve been going to the firing range for decades.

     I was pretty darn good at making consistent “kill shots” at the standard 7-10 yards. (And since most gun fights take place at less than that distance, I thought I was prepared.)

     But when I saw the incredible accuracy and distance that Vader was achieving, I HAD to know his secrets. He explained to me that Special Operators and S.W.A.T. members often have to take much more difficult shots... Precision shots… at long-distance with their side-arm.

     And when you think about that… it makes perfect sense.

     And wouldn’t you agree that…

If $h!t hits the fan, it’d be a huge advantage to have the skill to defend yourself (and your loved ones) from a distance 5-7 times farther than your opponent’s accurate range?

     Admittedly, I was excited as a fox-in-a-hen-house to be taught by a master marksman… (Did I mention he could hit that 50-yard plate both left-handed AND right-handed?)

     Anyway, I was ready to dive in with both feet – assuming that it would take me a long time to develop this long-distance accuracy… But I was committed and prepared to go through thousands of rounds at the range… But, boy was I in for a surprise…

In just a few weeks (and less than 150 rounds fired), I transformed from a
“deadly-at-7-yards” shooter into a dangerously
accurate “Handgun Sniper”!

     Did you catch that?... in just a FEW WEEKS!... and under 150 rounds fired! 
Vader and I met at our local range and he gave me a 60-minute lesson… Then he gave me some drills and homework to do… The homework was different than what I was used to… It was a combination of physical moves and mental visualization drills...

     He told me to practice for 15 minutes a day and then we’d meet up in a couple of weeks to see how I was improving.

     So, I dutifully did my homework…

     In full disclosure I didn’t do my homework every day… I only did it 4 times that first week and about 3 times the following week for about 10 minutes each session.

     Two weeks later, we met at an indoor range and shot paper targets at 7-yards… But to my surprise, my accuracy had improved significantly… my groupings were tighter than they’d ever been.

     I was super excited.

     He told me flatly that he was “pleased” with my progress and to keep doing the same homework…

     Ten days later, he invited me to go “plink around” at an outdoor range…

     When we got there he surprised me when he walked out and set up an 8-inch steel target at 50 yards… He came back and said with a grin…

     “Time to see what you’re made of!”

     My friend pulled out the camera to record… and…well, see for yourself…

Here’s the Video Proof of My Pinpoint AccuracyAfter Just a Few Weeks!

     This short video clip was taken about 4 weeks after I got my one-and-only lesson and started doing my “homework”. 
Did you notice where everyone else had their targets set up… Compare it to how far away my targets were! You can barely see them in the video until I zoom in. (If you didn’t notice, go back and watch the video.) Everyone else was shooting at 7 – 12 yards… And we were shooting at distances 5 – 7 times longer!
     I was hitting the target about 6 out of 10 times! (Still room for improvement but impressive nonetheless!)

     If you want to improve your accuracy, check out the Handgun Sniper Masterclass