Hang 'N Hook Setup Instructions

  • Buy 1-inch EMT electrical conduit at your local hardware store. (We usually buy 2 of the 10-foot sticks.)
  • Cut 4 legs and 1 crossbar. (If you bought 2 of the 10 foot sticks you can cut 4 legs at 40", and you'll have an 80" crossbar left over!)
  • Insert leg brackets into the legs.
  • Insert crossbar into the hole and slide on the hooks.

A Note About Buying Conduit From Hardware Store

The Hang 'N Hook hardware was designed to slide into standard 1 inch EMT conduit available at any hardware store.

You'll need 5 lengths of conduit to build your target stand. You can make it any size you want, but we suggest that the four legs be about 40 inches long. You'll want your fifth piece to be a little longer since it will be used as the crossbar that the hooks/targets hang from (In our video we used an 80 inch piece, but we had plenty of extra hanging off the sides that could be trimmed).

Current pricing at my local store was only $1.00/foot. Plus, most hardware stores will cut the conduit to the right lengths for you.You may be wondering why don't we ship you the conduit directly. Well first, then it wouldn't be a do-it-yourself kit! :).

And second, It would cost more money to ship it than it would to buy it at the hardware store.

Here's a caliber guide for your reference: