Target Hanging Straps - Virtually Indestructible

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  • Can take 100’s of direct hits.
  • 5-year warranty! If it wears out, get a new one FREE (just cover S&H).
  • Targets hang 3.5 inches lower, so less likely to hit the crossbar of the Hang ‘N Hook stand
  • Less swing, so your target resets quicker.
  • Bright red color helps you spot your targets fast.
  • Sturdy as a mule - use  one or two straps to hang targets

Introducing our Virtually Indestructible Target Hanging Straps. Made of a high-density polymer that can take a beating from missed shots.  And they won’t warp like the steel hooks. 

They’re so durable, they come with a 5-year warranty

If it wears out, 2 things are going to happen. First, we’ll send you a new one.  (Just pay shipping & handling).  And second, we'll send you some training videos on how to shoot better.  Because clearly you missed your target over a thousand times. ;) 

These target straps are dead simple to use.  Simply attach an AR500 target using the included nut & bolt.  Then slide the strap onto the 1” Electrical conduit used in the Hang ‘N Hook kit. 

Targets also hang a full 5-inches lower than our standard hooks.  So, there is less chance you’ll hit the crossbar.  They are sturdy as a mule and in most cases you can hold a target with a single strap. 

They also produce less swing, so you get a quicker target reset.  We also made it a bright red color to help you pick out your target faster at longer ranges. 

Bottom line, these hanging straps are the best bang for your buck and should last you forever.  So grab yourself a few pairs today.