The Handgun Sniper Masterclass
The Handgun Sniper Masterclass

The Handgun Sniper Masterclass


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A Four-Week Program Designed to Make You Deadly Accurate At 50 Yards with Your Handgun!

Here's a tiny fraction of what you'll learn: 

  • Jedi “Mind Hacks” you can use to trick your brain into thinking your handgun is actually a rifle with a scope on it so you can be accurate at long-ranges.

  • ​The 3 most vital drills you can practice that’ll train your body to literally adopt your firearm as part of your body. (You’ll have total domination over your blaster as if it was your own hand.)

  • How to execute the Million-Dollar Trigger Pull used by the top marksman in the world. (It’s so simple, yet it’s NEVER taught correctly in most shooting schools… Get this one thing right and you’ll be surprised how often you’ll be putting your rounds through the exact same hole in the target.)

  • How to use the “Recoil” to help you get lasered in on your target faster and make your follow-up shots EVEN more accurate than the first one. (Most people get messed-up by the recoil instead of harnessing its power.)

  • The “Handgun Sniper Grip” is a surprising adjustment to the way you’ve been taught to hold your gun… (This small change will make your hand rock steady so you don’t have to even think about timing your trigger pull.) 

  • How the Elite Military operators anchor their stance so that they can “make the shot” even when being attacked from behind. (This trick will almost cement you to the ground – making your shots more accurate at long range.)

  • ​And much more!